Your First Visit

A pet's first visit to a boarder or groomer can seem a bit daunting, so we've put together a list of info and resources to help you prepare.

At your first appointment, we will gather information about your pet’s background, health, diet, and training. We can also address any questions or concerns you might have.

Before Your First Appointment
  1. Complete all Patient Forms prior to your first visit.
  2. Assemble and be sure to bring all the proper items with you:
    • A list of current medications and supplements. Please do not put any pills, vitamins, powers or other medication in food. In case of emergency we must have original labeled bottle even for vitamins.
    • Your pet's food in a sealed container marked with serving amount or in a baggie. Serving amount and feeding schedule must be indicated. Please do not bring an unsealed bag of dog food unless you bring in a sealed container large enough to pour it in. We want to keep food fresh at all times. We provide all bowls, please note glass containers are prohibited.
    • 1 baggie of small treats, optional
    • Your pet's own blanket and/or small bed, optional
  3. If you're bringing in your dog, be sure he or she is accustomed to being on a short leash. Please ensure cats are in their carriers. 
  4. Remember, No Chew Bones or Toys (Safety risks of choking or eating toys!) - We want all pets to have a safe stay with us!

Check In & Check Out

  • Early Check-In: 
    • If checking in prior to 7 am, a 1/2 day will be assessed.
  • Late Check-Out: 
    • An assessment of 1/2 day for day-boarding after 8pm.
    • An assessment of 1/2 day for overnight boarding after 7pm.

If you have any questions about preparing for your pet's stay with us, please contact us.

“I absolutely love this place! The entire staff is outstanding and genuinely cares about your fur babies!!!”

Tiffani R.