How much exercise is your dog getting while you are at work?  Has your pet gained weight over the winter?  Want to get your pet summertime ready?  Sign up for doggie day care at ‘The Bark @ The Ark’. Doggie Day Care hours are 7am to 7pm.  Drop your pet off in the morning and pick up at the end of the day.  Doggie Day Care is a great way to get your pet the exercise they need to get them back in shape.

For the Month of May, Bark @ The Ark will run a competition for the “Biggest Loser”.  New and Current Clients that want to participate will weigh in the first week of May.  Monday, 05/01/2017 thru Sunday, 5/7/17.  Pets will go into 4 categories; Small 1 to 20 lbs; Medium 21-50; Large 50 to 99 lbs, and XLarge 100 lbs plus.  All competing pets will be weighed the first week of June.  All pets must weigh in by Sunday, June 4th.  The Bark’s scale will be the official scale for the competition.  The Top 4 pets will win a full spa day, compliments of the ‘Bark @ The Ark’.

Remember exercise promotes good health!!!